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We have come across many coins every day. People are smart enough to apply in various platforms with good earns.

  • Emission Reduction
  • Hybrid Burning Mechanism
  • Migrator Code Removed
  • Timelock Added at Launch

In this article, we are about to explore a new Digital Coin which has gained immense popularity Worldwide. Currently Panther Swap Token is the one with highest price in the market, having the best earns on apply.

Let’s discuss in detail this new token;

What is Panther Swap?

Panther Swap has launched on April 27th 2021. Token has seen rapid growth in the last few days, and it is the first token with Automatic Liquidity Acquisition Yield Farm and AMM running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It has a lot of unique and creative feature. You can buy or sell Panther Swap Token over BSC, Pan Cake Swap, DappRadar, Coingecko and Coinmarketcap.

The most profited Panther Swap Token is a cost-effective currency that has grabbed many people’s attention Worldwide. The token market of Panther touched over $80,500,000 till now, which makes it worth purchasing this.

Panther Swap Price Chart and Market Value:

Each transaction takes 5% tax pay, and 4% get added to automatic liquidity and locked. 1% tax will be burnt immediately—the current Token price over BSCScan $3.2700, with a total supply of 19665687.981335 PANTHER. There are 18,786 holders at present, and 1,774,453 transactions took place till now. Total value locked $138,954,661.55. There is a good supply of Panther Swap Token in the market.

Over Coinmarket, the price of Pantherswap coin $ 0.525044 and Coingecko the price of coin $3.15.

People can go through the Road Map and different price chart to trade the token on Poocoin, DexGuru, Bogged Finance, DexTools. There are another crypto currency available which you can buy using the different type of token platforms, which are available online on different apps and websites.

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